About Us

Who (or What) is Ella Bonella?

Ella was a Chocolate Lab – Pit Bull mix who literally followed me into my office one day in September, 2000, when she was about 2 months old. She literally leapt into my arms. 

I was working in the produce business Coachella, California before Coachella was cool. Stray dogs running around were not uncommon. In fact, Ella was absolutely adorable. 

Luckily for me, no one claimed her, and for almost 15 years she was mischievous and loving – unless you were another female dog!  

Relationship Between Frank and Ella

 For over a decade, Frank’s Karma Café was a very special little place in Wauconda, Illinois. We did a lot there –  40 sandwiches, many salads and soups, plus a bunch of daily specials and then pies, croissants and energy bars. After more than 10 years of what was often extreme busyness, we needed a break. In fact, our lead employee wanted to leave to do something less stressful – be a firefighter! My partner, Cliff went back into the world of corporate HR – but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him yet! 

The Essence of Frank's

Ella Bonella will offer the best of Frank’s Karma Café, starting with two of our most popular items – “M. Belle’s” Pies and Croissants that offer a free trip to Paris without jet lag or attitude! Other items, like the immensely popular Focaccia sandwiches and our Ahimsa® Energy Bars will follow – and who knows what else!