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    Saturday & Sunday

    Breakfast Items 7:30 - 11

    Lunch 11 - 2:30

    Order a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie for Memorial Day Weekend!


    During the local rhubarb season, we get all of our ‘Barb from Nancy and Keith Johnson at the Woodstock Farmer’s Market. Theirs is the best and this year it is spectacular! Order a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie for Memorial Day! Place your order for a large pie below, or pick up a small pie while they last this weekend.  We're open Saturday and Sunday from 7:30 - 2:30,  Breakfast pastries and pies are served until they're gone, lunch starts at 11. 

     Whether you like to start off the day with Bacon and Eggs or Berries and Oats, we've got the Breakfast Pie for you!  

    We're still looking for a few good people (see below)

    Join Our Team

    One Goal - Excellence


    Ella Bonella is looking for a few good people to join the team. Our goal is to provide a consistently excellent experience for each customer. We are a small place with one simple goal – excellence. 

    Introductory shop hours are Saturdays and Sundays from 7:30-2:30, with either 4 or 8-hour shifts available. Additional days will be added as we grow. Additional hours may be available for prep, catering, and special orders. We are open to applicants of any age, from 15 (with a work permit) to 80+, as long as the applicant has the energy and the spirit to get the job done in a manner consistent with our Core Values of Friendliness, Superior Service, Integrity, Quality and Safety. Whether this is your all-important first job or you’re just getting back in to the workplace or you’ve decided that retirement isn’t for you, if you’re ready to work, we could use you!


    Counter Service

    Job Duties:

    · Demonstrate a positive customer service attitude in keeping with the company’s Core Values. 

    · Assist customers with questions and product selection 

    · Follow procedures for safety, proper food handling, and sanitation  

    · Smile and greets customers in a sincere friendly manner. Treat new customers like friends you haven’t met yet.

    · Replenish product in the cases and create displays.

    · Accurately record orders to ensure the customer is delighted with the finished product.

    · Maintain cleanliness of the work area, including the visible front room and kitchen areas. 

    · Assist in other areas as required.

    Line/Prep Cook

    Job Duties:

    · Prepare sandwiches (hot and cold) and other items from the menu 

    · Deep Frying experience a plus

    · Follows procedures for safety, proper food handling, and sanitation  

    · Replenish product in the cases and create displays.

    · Accurately and consistently prepare orders to ensure the customer is delighted with the finished product. Our aim is a “Wow” from every customer

    · Maintain cleanliness of the work area, including the visible front room and kitchen areas. 

    · Assist in other areas as required.

    Requirements (both roles):

    • Desire       to provide excellent customer service. 
    • Outgoing, friendly       personality. 
    • Ability to handle multiple       tasks. 
    • Able to communicate       effectively with others and convey enthusiasm 
    • Follow all LCHD Service       Standards & guidelines. 
    Obtain Illinois Food handler certification

    Job Application

    job-application-form-template-download-standard-20170814 (pdf)


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    Order Online and Pickup In Store!

    Just give us 48 hours notice and we'll make it special just for you!

    Favorite Color Cherry Red

    Find out why Cherry Red is the predominant color at Ella Bonella

    Peek Into The Piemaking Process

    Here's a feast for the eyes! Check out a Tart Cherry Pie & Peach Pie Right Out of the Oven.

    Strawberry Rhubarb - the first pie of the year!

    New products are coming soon!

    Pie For Breakfast?

    You Betcha!

      Back in the days when we sold pies at Farmers’ Markets, people would come up to us and say “I eat your pie for breakfast.” And why not? After all, people eat sweet things like pancakes and French Toast for breakfast – and the primary ingredient in most of our pies is either fruit, milk, or nuts. 

    The Streusel-topped Triple Berry Pie was typically the breakfast favorite, but I set out to find more pies that would be suitable for breakfast. There are savory pies like Bacon-and-Egg, and Ham-and-Egg, then some not-too-sweet pies like Oatmeal Walnut Pie and (my personal favorite) custard-y Cream-of-Wheat Pie, which I like cold with just a touch of Maple Syrup. 

    Then there are cereal pies like Euell Gibbons’ fave Grape Nuts Pie (you probably have to be over 50 to get that reference) and Cornflake Pie, which are def on the sweet side. BFK pies even take on International Character with an Orange-infused Italian Torta di Riso that will make you feel like you’re in Firenze!   

    Just Open On Weekends?

    At first, we'll only be open on weekends but we plan to jam a lot into those two days! 

    Breakfast items will be served from 7:30-11am, and Lunch (including the Siracha Focaccia Sandwich) will be served from 11am-2:30pm!!

    Tell Me About Those Croissants!

    What the Pie is to the United States, the Croissant is to France, sort of. As a college student, I worked my ass off to be able to study in Paris in the Spring of 1985. I still remember that first morning in the City of Light – drizzly, homesick, thinking I’d made a mistake, and then I walked down the Rue Vavin and into the first Bar I saw (Bars in Paris are known for their coffee) and ordered un express and a croissant, the taste, smell, feel and sound of which I will never forget. It was buttery and crisp, with enough butter on the exterior to leave my hands shiny. 

    Every subsequent trip to Paris meant a croissant and express first thing off the plane. I’d tried croissants in the states, but they were never the same.  During an extended break from Franks, I made a commitment to “perfect” the croissant, to the extent that was possible. I slaved and tasted (and tasted) until I had something that brought me back to that first bite, and people loved them. These croissants are perfect on a weekend morning.   

    The joys of the croissant are fleeting. With lots of air between layers, these ephemeral treats go from ethereal to stale in about 6 hours. We bake them right before we open and recommend that you eat them right away!

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    You Deserve Pie (and Croissants)

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