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Waitlist at info@ellabonella.com

Thanksgiving Week Hours

Saturday 11/23

CLOSED Except for pre-ordered pie pickup

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Saturday 11/23

CLOSED Except for pre-ordered pie pickup

 We'll be in all day working on Thanksgiving orders. If you pre-ordered for pickup on Saturday, we'll arrange a time

Sunday 11/24

CLOSED Except for pre-ordered pie pickup

Event Details

Sunday 11/24

CLOSED Except for pre-ordered pie pickup


Monday 11/26

By Appointment

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Monday 11/26

By Appointment

We are not officially open but will be here all day if you need to pick up your pre-ordered pie 

Tuesday 11/26

Open Noon-5 for pre-ordered pie pickup only

12pm - 5pm

Tuesday 11/26

Open Noon-5 for pre-ordered pie pickup only

12pm - 5pm

Wednesday 11/27

Open Noon-6 for pre-ordered pie pickup only

12pm - 6pm

Event Details

Wednesday 11/27

Open Noon-6 for pre-ordered pie pickup only

If you need your pie before noon, we can switch you to Tuesday.

12pm - 6pm

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Thanksgiving FAQ's


Is it too late to order pies?

We have reached the point where we need to cut off orders. Thank you to the hundreds of people who ordered! We'll be working almost around the clock to make them all! We are closed to new orders. You can, however, send an email to info@ellabonella.com where we have started a wait list. Let us know what kind of pie you'd like and if we can squeeze it in, we'll let you know. 

When Can I pick up my pies?

We will be open for pickup of pre-ordered pies from Noon-5 on Tuesday, November 26, Noon-6 pm on Wednesday, November 27, and 10-Noon on Thanksgiving Day. Pickup on Monday, November 25 can be arranged by appointment. Please note that we are not able to open before Noon on Wednesday

Can I order something other than pie for Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving at Ella Bonella is all about pies. We offer more variety at Christmas. 

Can I order a pie that’s not on the website for Thanksgiving?

We have to be laser-focused at Thanksgiving, which means that we need to stick with the pies that we’re offering. If you need something other than pies at any time before November 20, or after December 3, please let us know.

When is the cutoff for ordering?

This depends on when and  how many orders come in. When we approach our limit, we send out a “Last Call” email. Sign up on the website to keep up to date. Typically, final cutoff is sometime between the Thursday and Saturday before Thanksgiving. 

Are you open for business as usual the weekend before Thanksgiving?

We are not. We have hundreds of pies to make and are focused on making crust, custard and peeling apples this weekend.

You Have Questions, We Have Answers


Do you sell small pies at Thanksgiving?

We are geared up for large pies only during Thanksgiving week. 

Are you open for business the weekend after Thanksgiving?

We will not be open for business Saturday, November 30 and Sunday, December 1. We’ll be nursing a pie hangover that weekend! 

Do I need to refrigerate my pie?

 a. Fruit pies do not need to be refrigerated, but will last longer if kept in the fridge. You may wish to heat them up in a 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes before serving

b. Pumpkin and Pecan pies should be refrigerated

c. Custard pies must be refrigerated

If I buy a pie the weekend before Thanksgiving, will it still be good on the Holiday?

In a pinch. The pie should be okay for Thanksgiving, particularly if you keep it refrigerated, but it won’t be ideal – the bottom crust will likely start to get soggy. 

Can I freeze my pie and serve it on Thanksgiving?

Mom, is that you???? My parents’ generation (people married in the 50’s and early 60’s) were the first generation to have a “Deep Freeze” in the basement. That big freezer was a godsend to moms of that era. Ladies my mom’s age L-O-V-E to freeze things, and they will tell you that things stay good FOREVER in the freezer!. Personally, I think that when you freeze things you lose texture and flavor, but millions of women in their 70’s and 80’s would argue with me. You should NEVER, however, freeze any kind of custard, and that includes pumpkin and pecan pies (and there are those who will argue this point, too!). 

Do you Ship/Deliver/Offer Gluten-Free Pies?

1) I wish we could ship, but we can't at present.

2) Sorry, we are chained to the premises and can't deliver

3) Nope. Gluten-Full here.


It's Pot Pie Season!


Not much makes us look forward to cooler weather than Marshall Fields' Chicken Pot Pies $9 + a refundable $5 deposit on ramekins for togo orders. Available baked or unbaked . Baking instructional video below.



This is a classic beef & pork meatloaf, grilled on our homemade Milk-n-Honey White Bread with Cheddar and Bacon $10

The Thanksgiving Sandwich


Turkey and homemade Cranberry aioli with Cheddar Cheese on our homemade Wild Rice and Onion Bread $9

Curried Apple & Cranberry-Stuffed Acorn Squash


Sauteed apples and onions with a touch of earthy Curry Powder plus Cranberries, stuffed in a roasted squash shell. $9

Cottage Pies


Here's a little secret - We sell a ton of Chicken Pot Pies, but the Cottage Pie - ground beef & vegetables topped with mashed Potatoes - is our favorite! $9

Pecan & Apple Handpies


When you need your pie on the go. Pecan/$5 - Apple/$4

Get "Bogged Up" for Cranberries and other Stuff this Weekend


They're one of two fruits that are indigenous to North America! (The other one is Persimmons - more

And they're at the peak of their season in November. From Morning Glory Muffins, to our scone/biscuit hybrid the "Skisket," to entrees and pies, Cranberries are the fruit-of-the-month. This week we have them as:

CRAN-PEAR-Y PIE -A standout blend of chopped cranberries, chunks of pear and a hint of orange topped with walnut crumb topping $10/6"

MORNING GLORY MUFFINS - The berries are in good company, what with apples, carrots, pecans, currants and coconut, plus raw sugar. $3.25

SKISKETS - These mostly wholegrain scone/biscuit hybrids are perfect with a cup of coffee or tea and this week, they've got cranberries in 'em. $3

CRANANA BREAD - Cranberries + Banana Bread = a delicious treat. $6/ mini loaf


APPLE-CRANBERRY PIE with Oatmeal Streusel Topping $9/6" 


BEEF & SERRANO CHILI - Because Some Like it Hot!


Soups are sold in jars togo. We can heat soup to order if you'd like to dine in. 



Our menu is now all Specials, but we've kept the three most popular items from the old menu:

The SIRACHA FOCACCIA SANDWICH is Turkey, Bacon, Avocado, Lettuce and Tomato on our homemade Pane Focaccia, with tangy homemade Siracha Aioli $10

Our REUBEN SANDWICH is served on homemade Rye with Swiss Cheese, 1,000 Island dressing and Kraut $10

CHICKEN SALAD SANDWICH/SALAD -Steam Oven-Roasted Chicken breast meat, with herbs and Celery. Get it on a Croissant, Focaccia Bread or Over Greens $10


We were wondering when to bring back OUTRAGEOUS BROWNIES, the ultra-rich, ultra-chocolaty brownies (no nuts), That question was answered with a request for them this weekend, so they're back! 4

PUNKIN BARS - With Shortbread Crust $3.25

Start out your day on the right foot with CRANBERRY MORNING GLORY MUFFINS. These aren’t your average pieces of cake in a muffin wrapper. Nope, these are LOADED with goodness like grated carrots and apples, currants, pecans, coconut and, this week, cranberries. We use raw sugar and very little flour for an excellent way to start the day or re-fuel after a morning run. $3.25 

CRANANA BREAD is - you guessed it - Banana Bread with Cranberries. $6/mini loaf

PUMPKIN-PECAN bread is perfect for the season $6.50

KITCHEN SINK COOKIES are loaded - chocolate chips, cashews, peanut butter, oats, puffed rice, and coconut $2.75/cookie


GINGERSNAPS - Spicy Goodness $2.25

This week it's  Apple Ginger Limeade, made with fresh fruit, freshly-squeezed juice and about half the sugar of a typical 'ade. Check out the origin of the Foo-Foo drink on our blog $3.75 ea

The PIELineUP!

This week's PIELineUP is as follows:


Apple Cranberry

Cran-Pear-y Pie (Cranberry Pear) with Walnut Crumble Topping 

Ohio Apple 

Summer Come Back - Pluots, Peaches and 

Butternut Squash - Better than punkin!


Tart Cherry - Lattice

Triple Berry Oatmeal Streusel

Banana Cream

Coconut Cream

Chocolate Cream 

6" pies (two generous slices) are available in-store on a first-come basis (The smaller version of the Caramel Apple Pie can be ordered in advance). Large pies 9" (6-8 slices) must be ordered in advance through the website. Because we sometimes get fruits in small quantities, not all pies on the PIELineUP may be available as large pies. 


CRANANA  Bread (Cranberry Banana Bread) $6

The SKISKET - Part Scone part Biscuit, this mostly whole grain treat, has currants, walnuts and oats in it $3

MAGIC BOX SAUCE - We took a box of bruised and damaged stonefruit (peaches, plums., nectarines) and cooked them, ran them through the food mill and then added a bit of sugar and cooked down until delicious $ 10/pint. Check out the Article on the Blog!

Sunday:   Bread Puddin' with Whiskey Sauz $7


·Specials are made in limited quantities and are subject to change due to availability of products, a shift in the wind, force majeur (Jerry!), whim, and God’s Will.

How to Bake a Chicken Pot Pie!

Eat them fresh out of the oven!

Join Our Team

One Goal - Excellence


Ella Bonella is looking for a few good people to join the team. Our goal is to provide a consistently excellent experience for each customer. We are a small place with one simple goal – excellence. 

Introductory shop hours are Saturdays and Sundays from 9-2, with either 4 or 8-hour shifts available. Additional days will be added as we grow. Additional hours may be available for prep, catering, and special orders. We are open to applicants of any age, from 15 (with a work permit) to 80+, as long as the applicant has the energy and the spirit to get the job done in a manner consistent with our Core Values of Friendliness, Superior Service, Integrity, Quality and Safety. Whether this is your all-important first job or you’re just getting back in to the workplace or you’ve decided that retirement isn’t for you, if you’re ready to work, we could use you!


Counter Service

Job Duties:

· Demonstrate a positive customer service attitude in keeping with the company’s Core Values. 

· Assist customers with questions and product selection 

· Follow procedures for safety, proper food handling, and sanitation  

· Smile and greets customers in a sincere friendly manner. Treat new customers like friends you haven’t met yet.

· Replenish product in the cases and create displays.

· Accurately record orders to ensure the customer is delighted with the finished product.

· Maintain cleanliness of the work area, including the visible front room and kitchen areas. 

· Assist in other areas as required.

Line/Prep Cook

Job Duties:

· Prepare sandwiches (hot and cold) and other items from the menu 

· Deep Frying experience a plus

· Follows procedures for safety, proper food handling, and sanitation  

· Replenish product in the cases and create displays.

· Accurately and consistently prepare orders to ensure the customer is delighted with the finished product. Our aim is a “Wow” from every customer

· Maintain cleanliness of the work area, including the visible front room and kitchen areas. 

· Assist in other areas as required.

Requirements (both roles):

  • Desire       to provide excellent customer service. 
  • Outgoing, friendly       personality. 
  • Ability to handle multiple       tasks. 
  • Able to communicate       effectively with others and convey enthusiasm 
  • Follow all LCHD Service       Standards & guidelines. 
Obtain Illinois Food handler certification


Job Application

job-application-form-template-download-standard-20170814 (pdf)


Stay connected with Ella Bonella

So Glad to Be Here!

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Just give us 48 hours notice and we'll make it special just for you!

Identity (No) Crisis


Every item on our menu has a background. Read about it here!

Peek Into The Piemaking Process


Here's a feast for the eyes! Check out a Tart Cherry Pie & Peach Pie Right Out of the Oven.

Pie For Breakfast?

You Betcha!


  Back in the days when we sold pies at Farmers’ Markets, people would come up to us and say “I eat your pie for breakfast.” And why not? After all, people eat sweet things like pancakes and French Toast for breakfast – and the primary ingredient in most of our pies is either fruit, milk, or nuts. 

The Streusel-topped Triple Berry Pie was typically the breakfast favorite, but I set out to find more pies that would be suitable for breakfast. There are savory pies like Bacon-and-Egg, and Ham-and-Egg, then some not-too-sweet pies like Oatmeal Walnut Pie and (my personal favorite) custard-y Cream-of-Wheat Pie, which I like cold with just a touch of Maple Syrup. 

Then there are cereal pies like Euell Gibbons’ fave Grape Nuts Pie (you probably have to be over 50 to get that reference) and Cornflake Pie, which are def on the sweet side. BFK pies even take on International Character with an Orange-infused Italian Torta di Riso that will make you feel like you’re in Firenze!   

Just Open Weekends?


Yep! We work all week to be ready for two days! 

Tell Me About Those Croissants!


What the Pie is to the United States, the Croissant is to France, sort of. As a college student, I worked my ass off to be able to study in Paris in the Spring of 1985. I still remember that first morning in the City of Light – drizzly, homesick, thinking I’d made a mistake, and then I walked down the Rue Vavin and into the first Bar I saw (Bars in Paris are known for their coffee) and ordered un express and a croissant, the taste, smell, feel and sound of which I will never forget. It was buttery and crisp, with enough butter on the exterior to leave my hands shiny. 

Every subsequent trip to Paris meant a croissant and express first thing off the plane. I’d tried croissants in the states, but they were never the same.  During an extended break from Franks, I made a commitment to “perfect” the croissant, to the extent that was possible. I slaved and tasted (and tasted) until I had something that brought me back to that first bite, and people loved them. These croissants are perfect on a weekend morning.   

The joys of the croissant are fleeting. With lots of air between layers, these ephemeral treats go from ethereal to stale in about 6 hours. We bake them right before we open and recommend that you eat them right away!

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